A motivated, adaptable and enthusiastic graphic designer with proven strengths in digital, print and video creation.

Research Statement:

As a generalist, I believe I can thrive in any field of creativity. It is hugely beneficial that the design industry is so diverse, as I am able to adapt to a number of different mediums. The ability to tailor my practice to fit the needs of the brief excites me, as I am constantly designing in different mediums. I have learnt that there is more than just one form of ‘graphic designer’. My own practice is an example of this, as I am able to contribute to a variety of different creative roles. I care about how people perceive me and my work, therefore I put pressure on myself to ensure that all my work is finished at a perfectionist standard. I am extremely attentive to detail. Therefore, it takes a lot of finalising for me to be satisfied with my work. I am perceptive in the most mundane tasks and I love to create a visual understanding of how things work. A lot of my practice is centered around British subcultures. I am inspired by a very defined aesthetic of 1990’s council estates, football hooliganism, and graffiti.

My practice relies heavily upon being observant. I often find myself noticing the unordinary in the ordinary. I am drawn by things that are broken or do not fit within their surroundings. My Instagram account helps me document what I find peculiar. Whether it be some blemished letterforms on an independent shop sign, a sock over a fire detector, or a damaged motorway bridge. I love to capture scenes that would usually be deemed as part of the everyday, and look for a way to make the picture engaging. 

For my latest project, I have been working on building and branding my own shop. The shop is called Independent Traders and specialises in buying, selling and trading second-hand designer sportswear. I had the responsibility of creating the brand identity. This entailed a diverse range of creative tasks, from designing posters to creating a short movie of the production process. Being a generalist, I am constantly thinking of further elements to design, film and photograph. Being able to find, identify and value a certain piece of clothing for Independent Traders is a key part of my creative practise. I have a passion for finding certain designer labels at car-boot sales, charity shops and online. With fast-fashion becoming one of the most polluting industries in the world, I wanted to make my contribution by pushing a recycling system through fashionable clothing.

I am also interested in the aesthetic of particular forms and shape in graffiti tags. I recently created a t-shirt with Everpress which exhibited five different styles of my initials, ‘FEO’. I took inspiration for this through recognition of potential graphic elements from graffiti hand-styles. I then recycle them on to a new canvas by recreating them in a clean and digital way, formalising the typography with a very aesthetic quality. I am always observing potential. Whether that be recognising graphic elements in particular graffiti tags and transforming them into a typeface, or locating a certain garment and then recycling it for profit. Overall, my practice is about transforming something average into something attractive. As a generalist, I look forward to seeing where my practise takes me in the future. 

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